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    How To Format Or Factory Reset A Mac OS Computer

    How To Format Or Factory Reset A Mac OS Computer

    27/Sep/2023 37


    In today's article, I am going to show you how you can easily format or factory reset a mac book pro. This article is made possible thanks to a certain blog website I am going to mention soon, so yes I am giving the credit to them as I did try their approach and it works for me. I will try my best to explain this as easily as I can. If at the end of this article you find it worth reading please don't forget to share and comment.

    As for the blog site that has made this particular article possible, here is their link => hellotech.com as for the particular post on their website that says more about this, simply click here to see the blog post.

    The original source of this article can be found here.

    Reasons You Might Want To Reset a Mac OS

    There are many reasons you might want to reset a mac pc, few of them are "you probably trying to sell it, you just got it new and some unnecessary stuff is installed on it, or you just feel like doing that for experience purposes (this last one is me)". If that is the case for you then don't be afraid as this article will show you a simple step-by-step guide to archive this.

    You should know that there are some necessary things you need to do before formatting your mac os pc, some of them are "back up the data you probably need, and deauthorize some applications from accepting your mac os", especially when you want to sell it. I won't go into much detail on this because I do believe you should know what is most important to you on your pc. Though if you need more details on this sub-topic, then you should probably check out the other website. 

    This website I mentioned which I said I got the experence has nothing to do with me or this axxellanceblog.com, I only include this website on my blog site (backlinks) as a token of appreciation for there awesome article. Note that images and some words was gotten from them.

    Step 1: Restarting your Mac OS

    To restart your mac os, simply click on the apple icon/logo at the top left corner of your laptop screen and select the restart button from the dropdown. before you do any of this it's best you connect your mac OS to a reliable source as this factory reset can consume lots of time and data depending on your internet and pc speed. 

    You should also unplug all your devices except your mouse and keyboard to avoid accidentally erasing an external hard drive. here is a preview of what I am talking about 

    How to Factory Reset Mac 1.jpg

    Note: If your computer is frozen, press Control + Command + Eject (or the power button) to force restart your computer.

    Now that your mac os has begun the restart process, you need to press and hold the command + R key on your keyboard, You can release the keys when you see the Apple logo on your screen.

    When the progress bar under the Apple logo is completed, you will enter Recovery Mode. From here, you will erase your hard drive and reinstall the macOS that was installed on your computer when you got it. here is a preview below of the key you need to press and hold on your keyboard

    How to Factory Reset Mac 2.jpg

    Note that it is best to press and hold those key as soon as you click on the restart button though you can wait untill the system goes blank before you press and hold those keys.

    Step 2: Formatting Your HDD/SSD

    From the dialog or application that will be shown, you will probably see 4 options to click from. For now, just select the disk utility option and then click on the continue button. see below for a preview

    How to Factory Reset Mac 4.jpg

    Now from the disk utility application/window, click on the view dropdown located at the top left corner of the disk utility application then select show all devices (make sure it has a checkmark beside it). preview available below

    How to Factory Reset Mac 6.jpg

    How to Factory Reset Mac 7.jpg

    Now you will need to select the drive you want to erase, and you will see a list of drives at the left side of the disk utility application/window, In most cases, you want to delete the whole disk, which is the highest option on the Internal list. This will ensure that you delete all your old data so you can install the Mac operating system (macOS) on a clean drive. preview available below

    How to Factory Reset Mac 8.jpg

    after selecting the parent disk, you then need to click on the erase button located at the top of the disk utility window. preview available below

    Note: Your Mac has a copy of the macOS that came with it stored on a partition of your main hard drive. So, even if you erase your hard drive, you will be able to reinstall macOS later.

    How to Factory Reset Mac 9.jpg

    After clicking on the erase button, you will see a pop-up dialog asking for some info from you, so on the name input just enter the name you will like to give your Mac pc, if you know some advanced stuff you can probably specify the format and scheme options you need if not just leave the default option. preview available below

    How to Factory Reset Mac 10.jpg

    here is a quick detail for those of you that might want to know what each of those options on the dialog means:

    • Name: You can choose any name you want, but it is recommended that you don’t use any personal information because there’s a chance that other people will be able to see your driver’s name when you are connected to the same network.

    • Format: You can choose either APFS (Apple File System) or macOS Extended (Journaled). The Disk Utility will show the compatible format by default. However, if you want to double-check the current format of the volume, click on the lowest option on the Internal tree (usually called Mac HD). On the right, you should see “Type.” If the built-in disk came to APFS-formatted, you should not reformat it as Journaled. Most older computers will be Journaled, while most modern laptops that come with solid-state drives (SSDs) are APFS-formatted.

    • Scheme: If prompted, choose GUID Partition Map.

    Note: This is the last step before all your data will be deleted. If you need to back up any data, click the Apple logo in the top-right corner of your screen and select Restart to return to your desktop.

    After inputting or selecting your options you can then click on the erase button located at the bottom right corner of the pop-up dialog/window. preview available below

    If you see Erase Volume Group, click that instead. Take note that this is different from the Delete Volume Group option, which you should not click.  

    How to Factory Reset Mac 11.jpg

    Wait for the disk to be erased and click Done. This should only take a few minutes at most. after successfully formatting your hard drive or solid-state drive you should quit the disk utility window, you can do so by clicking on the disk utility button located at the top left corner of your Mac OS pc, near the apple icon/logo itself, simply click on it and then click on the quit disk utility button from the dropdown dialog. preview available below

    How to Factory Reset Mac 14.jpg

    Step: 3 Reinstalling Mac OS

    After quitting the disk utility window you will find yourself back to the first pop-up window that has 4 buttons, which we first click on the disk utility. Now instead of clicking on the disk utility again just simply click on the second button that says Reinstall macOS <Brand name>, and then click on continue. preview available below

    How to Factory Reset Mac 15.jpg

    Note: that the word <Brand name> should be your current mac OS PC brand name, in my case it was Big Sur, so what i click on was Reinstall macOS Big Sur.

    Note: If you stop the process now, your data will be erased, but the next person to handle the computer will have a hard time starting up. So, if you want to make it easy for whoever you give or sell your Mac computer to, you should reinstall macOS on your computer.

    after clicking on continue you will probably be asked to click on another continue button again, which should then take you to the software licenses, you will have to click on the Agree button which will then Triga a popup window with another Agree/Disagree button, you will have to click on the Agree button on the pop-up window. preview available below

    How to Factory Reset Mac 18.jpg

    Now select your boot disk from the next window (Your boot disk is your main drive, so make sure you don’t select an external hard drive), and click on continue.  preview available below

    How to Factory Reset Mac 20.jpg

    Now see back and wait for the installation process to complete, also note that this installation might take several minutes to complete. After the installation and been completed your Mac PC will restart and another installation process will begin with a countdown timer. This installation will also take several minutes. Here is a preview of both installation process

    How to Factory Reset Mac 21.jpg

    How to Factory Reset Mac 22.jpg

    Once the installation is complete you can choose to power off the Mac book pro, if you want the next user to complete the setup process on their own, making it look like a brand-new Mac book. You will know the installation is complete when you see the screen that says, “Select Your Country or Region.” preview is available below

    How to Factory Reset Mac 23.jpg

    You can power off the system by pressing the Command + Q keys on your keyboard at the same time and finally clicking on the button that says shut down. preview available below

    How to Factory Reset Mac 25 1.jpg

    Once you are done, you can unplug the computer or close the laptop. Now, when you give your Mac to someone else, they will be able to start the setup process and enter their own settings and information.

    If you plan on selling your Mac computer, check out how much you could get from Apple’s Trade-In program here.


    I do believe that in one way or another this article might have helped you achieve what you came here for, if so then do please comment and share this article with your friends and family. Thanks and God bless you 💖.

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